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I was diagnosed with cancer (they called it carcinoma) in two areas: my face and my back. The doctor did a biopsy and they said I needed to have surgery to remove the cancerous cells. I said to myself that this way “man’s report”. This is not God’s report and I choose to believe what God says about me. I am healed in Jesus’ name. I saturated myself with the word on healing and prayers. The spot on my face totally disappeared and the spot on my back is almost gone as well, all within a few months. The revelation I had was- the Holy Spirit lives in me therefore there is NO room for disease of any kind. God said it, I believe it and God’s Word has the final say. Thank you, Jesus!

Rose Dykstra

I began suffering from multiple physical attacks of the enemy for about 3 years or more.  Corky Kirby kept offering to bring me to healing school and finally I came. I came believing something was going to happen. I listened to the sermon and at the end, Pastor Debbie gave the invitation and I was eager to go forward.  I had no fear, nothing was going to stop me from going forward. She laid hands on me, the Holy Spirit came on me and my whole body started to flex and shake. I had no muscle control except to stand straight for the Lord.  Pastor Debbie said, "He's all over you", and I could feel it. She kept laughing and finally told me to sit down. Even then several minutes went by before my muscles began to calm down so I could control them. Then I took a deep breath, stared straight ahead and thanked the Lord over and over again.

From that point on I have been getting stronger and stronger, better and better! I had a major ongoing healing miracle!

Heart problems, appendix, MRSA, etc.

Jeff Green

The past year I had a routine preventative procedure and they said they saw something abnormal and they referred me to another doctor to schedule another procedure. While waiting for my next appointment my daughter fell on her knee and we got an x-ray just to make sure nothing was injured. They said nothing was injured from the fall, but they saw something abnormal on her knee in the x-ray so she needed to be referred to another doctor as well.  I took the doctor's reports and posted them on a board we have and wrote:

Jehovah Rapha "The Lord our Healer"

Isaiah 53:5 With the stripes that wounded Him we are healed and made whole.

1 Peter 2:24 By His wounds we have been healed.

Matthew 8:17 He Himself took our weaknesses and infirmities and bore away our diseases.

And both of our doctor reports used the word "lesion" so I underlined that word on both reports and wrote, "nothing in Jesus Name" and "anything not of God is dissolved at the root."

Long story short, after 5 months, 7 different appointments, and 5 procedures everything showed up normal for both of us. Praise God!

Annie Espiritu

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