Border Invasion and the Texas Stand

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Welcome to a unique perspective on current events through the lens of biblical understanding. Join Pastor Chris Morgan in this eye-opening episode, "Border Invasion and the Texas Stand," as he addresses the ongoing border crisis and delves into the potential threat of civil unrest.
In this episode, Pastor Chris discusses the true intentions behind the open border, citing hard facts presented by Tucker Carlson. He explores the staggering number of illegal aliens in the U.S., the Democratic Party's call for their legalization, and the potential impact on future elections.

Moreover, Pastor Chris sheds light on the involvement of international organizations like the United Nations and their agenda for a borderless world, specifically targeting America. He reveals a bombshell report on how U.S. taxpayers unknowingly fund the illegal invasion orchestrated by the United Nations.

As Pastor Chris examines the government's role and the mysterious motivations behind the border crisis, he questions whether it's about voting, demographic changes, or possibly more nefarious plans like building an internal army within the United States.

The video also covers Texas's bold stand against the Biden administration's border policies, showcasing Governor Greg Abbott's defiance and the support from 25 states. With reports of Green Berets, military personnel, and law enforcement converging on Texas to protect the Constitution, the situation takes a dramatic turn.

Attorney Todd Calendar provides insights into the constitutional crisis, the deployment of state guards, and the assertion of state sovereignty against federal overreach. The video concludes with a call to prayer, emphasizing the need for divine intervention in these challenging times.

Don't miss this crucial episode uncovering the hidden truths behind the border crisis and the resilience of states like Texas in defending their borders and constitutional rights. Subscribe, like, share, and leave your thoughts in the comments. Until next time, Pastor Chris Morgan wishes you blessings and encourages you to stay informed and prayerful.