The Politics of Compliance

Welcome to another episode of "Current Events from a Biblical View" with Pastor Chris Morgan. In today's talk, we delve into the "politics of compliance," a concept drawn from the strategies employed by Mao Zedong, the infamous Chinese dictator.

Join me as we explore how compliance, often seen as responsible cooperation, can become dangerous when the commands are illegal, immoral, or unscriptural. Drawing from Acts 4:19-20, we examine how Peter and John's response to unjust authority provides a powerful example for us today.

We will uncover how Mao used compliance to divide and conquer, labeling those who opposed his views as "enemies of the people." This method, which I call "hate craft," is designed to dehumanize dissenters and consolidate power by creating a unified but manipulated populace.

By connecting historical tactics to modern global scenarios, we reveal how similar dynamics are at play in today's society. Whether it's under the guise of public health, environmentalism, or identity politics, the same strategy of compliance is being used to control and divide.

Discover how understanding this dynamic is crucial to resisting it. Learn the importance of loving and living by the truth, as described in John 14:6 and 1 John 5:3, and how embracing the truth of Jesus Christ can set us free from the politics of compliance.

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Thank you for watching, I'm Pastor Chris Morgan, and I call you blessed.

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