The U.S. Financial Coup | Current Events, From a Biblical View

In this episode of Current Events from a Biblical View, we delve into the deliberate demolition of personal will and the middle class through inflation, the poisoning of the population, and economic manipulation by elites. Economist Catherine Austin Fitz joins us to reveal the engineered top-down financial coup and provides practical advice on how we can navigate and combat these challenges.
Topics Covered:
The weaponization of government and big corporations in controlling the economy.
Inflation's impact on the American middle class.
The rise of housing costs, mortgage rates, and living expenses.
The financial manipulation benefiting the top 0.1%.
The decimation of American workers through immigration policies and the erosion of fair wages.
Strategies to protect against economic instability and the great poisoning.
Discover how these current events tie into biblical prophecy, with references to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the Mark of the Beast. Understand the signs pointing to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and how to prepare for the rapture of the Church.
Join Pastor Chris Morgan as he connects these urgent economic and social issues to biblical teachings and offers hope and guidance through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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